5 tight ends that will test the Buffalo Bills defense in 2024

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Mark Andrews, Baltimore Ravens

The NFL media will talk about how weak the Baltimore Ravens' receivers' position has been for the last few years, yet forget to mention how dangerous of a player Mark Andrews is. Andrews is a player that some fans forgot about due to his absence in 2023, but can dominate in the passing game.

Andrews had a legendary 1,300 receiving-yard season in 2021, establishing himself as a top Tight End. More impressively, he did that in a run-heavy offense. Speaking of run-heavy, Andrews is also one of the better blocking tight ends in the NFL and can help pave the way for the newly acquired Derrick Henry from this offseason.

However, Andrews was more on the quiet side last year, as he injured his leg and ankle in week 11, and was out for about half of the regular season. The Bills defense will now have to worry about a run game with a mobile Lamar Jackson, a bruising Derrick Henry, and an elite tight end, which can be a challenging feat.