5 things that standout about the Buffalo Bills Week 2 matchup

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The Buffalo Bills' pass rush will get after Jimmy G

The Raiders offensive line did a good job against the Broncos pass rush, keeping Jimmy G clean. The Broncos could not get any solid pressure, recording only three quarterback hits but no sacks. If the Bills can get after Jimmy G, he'll make mistakes and Buffalo's defense will make him pay.

Buffalo recorded three sacks last week against the New Jersey Jets and the Raiders have a better offensive line but I think Coach McDermott will bring more pressure this week in the form of blitzes. Historically, Garoppolo does not perform well when pressured.

On top of that, Garrapolo is not a mobile quarterback at all. The Bills got some pressure on Wilson but he's athletic enough to run out of some of those pressures. I don't see Garoppolo doing that this week or ever and it will translate into more sacks.