5 things that standout about the Buffalo Bills Week 2 matchup

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Josh Allen will have a huge bounce back game

Allen typically doesn't have back-to-back bad games, and the Raiders don't have a great defensive backfield either. I anticipate Allen having to deal with some pressure from the Raiders this week too but hopefully, he can make the right decisions.

Allen targeted Diggs last week 13 times, with 10 receptions. I'd expect Allen to target Diggs just as much, but I hope to see the other receivers and tight ends get more targets this week. I also think Allen will have more rushing yards this week, which is fine, as long as he learns to get out of bounds or slide. I don't have much faith in that though.

The Bills only called two designed runs for Allen last week, despite what many fans think, the team does not call runs for Allen very often. The majority of his runs are his decision to leave the pocket and get what he can on the ground. I think we'll see more than 36 yards rushing.