5 things that standout about the Buffalo Bills Week 2 matchup

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Tre'Davious White vs Devante Adams

There were some not-so-kind words on social media this past week about White, which is frustrating, as I felt that White played a decent game. Yes, he was in coverage on the touchdown to Wilson, but he made a nice play on the ball, Wilson simply made a better play. Others want to blame White for missing a tackle that resulted in the 83-yard run by Breece Hall. These players can't make every play and it's up to the front four to not get moved out of the way, as Hall ran through the wide-open hole.

I dug into the numbers a bit, and yes, he has some room to improve, and I think he will. The Bills as a whole struggled in a few areas, not just White. He was targeted four times and allowed three receptions. He allowed a quarterback rating of 117.7 when targeted too but that includes the touchdown, which Wilson just make a great play on.

He also had a couple of missed tackles in the game, one of which we already discussed. White will be up against another great receiver, one of the best in the league, Devante Adams. Adams will make some plays, but hopefully White will win more than he gets beat. These players can't make every play, so don't be surprised if Adams gets him a couple of times.