5 things that need to happen to keep Buffalo Bills' playoff hopes alive

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Buffalo Bills
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Buffalo Bills / Rich Barnes/GettyImages
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2.) Get more looks for other weapons on the outside

Even though the last two points go into going back to the basics and getting the run game going again with Allen, the Bills are still going to throw the ball at times when they need to and want to. However, the passing game as of recently has been a mixture of Diggs and Kincaid, the two best options right now for Allen.

Other guys like Trent Sherfield, Deonte Harty and even Gabe Davis have not been big contributors this season. While Davis has seen production here and there, the fact that he went catchless against the Bengals, while Tee Higgins, who is the Bengals second option went over 100 yards receiving against Buffalo, it shows that Davis either can’t get open or Allen doesn’t look his way.

Davis is set to be a free agent after this season, and the Bills more than likely will not re-sign him so Buffalo will need to get Davis involved more for the rest of the season. As for guys like Sherfield and Harty, both of them bring speed and Sherfield is a big weapon who can open the middle of the field but it has not been shown this season through nine weeks.

1.) Have a heart-to-heart amongst the team

Before the Las Vegas Raiders parted ways with Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler, it was reported that the Raiders held an organization meeting where it gave everyone from players to coaches express their frustrations and figure out what the issues were with the team.

While it was reported by Jay Glazer that McDaniels did not take well to that meeting, the Bills may want to consider setting up some kind of meeting that gives everyone an opportunity to talk about what issues are going on. 

Whether it is the play calling or players not playing well, a heart-to-heart is something that the Bills could use to fix any issues that could be affecting the team’s play.