5 teams that could steal Bills' ideal first-round WR prospects in 2024 NFL Draft

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New York Jets

The New York Jets have one of the best young wide receivers in the NFL in Garrett Wilson but after him, the position could use some help. They did add Mike Williams in free agency but he has played in only 16 games over the past two seasons and is far from being a certainty that he can be a difference maker.

After Williams, the Jets have Allen Lazard and Xavier Gipson and a wide receiver makes sense, in particular if one of the Top 3 is still available when they are on the clock at number 10. The Jets are preparing to have Aaron Rodgers back and he might not have many seasons left in his career so giving him as much talent as possible could be a direction the organization goes.

Another possibility and Bills fans should be rooting for this pick, would be Brock Bowers. The Georgia tight end is easily the best at his position and would be a difference-maker for the Jets. That will create a challenge during the season for the defense but if the focus right now is to get a wide receiver, the tight end pick could be the best outcome for the Bills.