5 teams that could steal Bills' ideal first-round WR prospects in 2024 NFL Draft

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New York Giants

The New York Giants are probably one of the bigger wild cards at the top of the NFL Draft and their selection at sixth overall could send the rest of the draft in a number of different directions. The reason there is so much uncertainty is because they have so many needs, starting at quarterback.

If by some chance, one of the top four quarterbacks get past the first four picks the Giants will have to seriously consider that position. In addition to quarterback, the Giants have a big question mark around Darren Waller, as he is mulling retirement, and if the Giants believe that might happen then Brock Bowers makes sense.

The Giants also could look to address the offensive line or even the defense at a position like cornerback. Aside from all these needs, they still need a top wide receiver as players like Jalin Hyatt or Wan'Dale Robinson haven't developed into consistent playmakers at the position.

For the Buffalo Bills, they will be rooting for them to look to address other needs like quarterback or offensive tackle as this won't be a position they consider in the first round.