5 teams the Buffalo Bills could trade up within the first round

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Los Angeles Rams

There's a chance that the Bengals won't select a receiver at pick 18, but the Steelers are at pick number 20, and they typically like to go with skill positions, especially with the departure of Dionte Johnson. So the Bills can trade with the Rams at pick 19, giving them some draft capital and maybe a player in need. 

The Los Angeles Rams are the team that doesn't worry too much about drafting high-potential players in the early parts, especially when they haven't had a first-round draft pick since 2016. They've succeeded in drafting players in the later rounds, and they'd probably prefer gaining more draft capital in the long run, especially with their needs.

Their defense just got a lot worse with the departure of Aaron Donald, along with holes in the linebacker and the secondary. Their offense also has a big need in the trenches, especially at tackle. Beane could lend the Rams two or three draft picks and Spencer Brown to move up to 19. 

Although Spencer Brown did improve this past year, the Bills just picked up Lae'el Collins in free agency, an interesting move, especially for a guy who's proven to be valuable at the tackle position. Offering a starting caliber right tackle and three early draft picks would likely land the Bills at pick 19 and get either Thomas Jr. or big Texas wide receiver Adonai Mitchell.

The Bills would be risking a lot if they were to stay at pick 28, as they would be missing out on high-end talent at that position. Beane made some moves during the offseason, and the Diggs trade almost guaranteed that the Bills would make a move for a receiver in this year's draft.