5 teams the Buffalo Bills could trade up within the first round

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Jacksonville Jaguars

A team that is a few steps away from becoming dangerous is a team that obtains the 17th overall pick. The Jaguars have been active in free agency, obtaining offensive pieces in Gabe Davis and Mitch Morse. However, the defense is one of the main pieces that are holding Jacksonville back, specifically their linebackers and secondary.

The Jaguars could end up picking their guy at 17, but they could also look to trade back and gain more draft capital to help fill those needs. Beane could also throw in Elam and give the Jaguars another former Bill to work with. When moving up 11 spots in the draft, the Bills wouldn't have to give up an absurd amount, they will likely give up their first round, second round, and probably next year's second and grab their guy.

At pick 17, there will be a lot of the top guys gone, but someone whom the Bills have met with already will probably still be there at 17, the other dangerous LSU receiver in Brian Thomas Jr. The Bills need to select their guy with this selection, especially when the Bengals are at pick 18 with Tee Higgin's future in question.