5 teams Buffalo Bills will compete with to sign DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins, Buffalo Bills
DeAndre Hopkins, Buffalo Bills / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Kansas City Chiefs

The worst case scenario for the Buffalo Bills, if they were not to sign DeAndre Hopkins, would be if he were to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs. Once again teams like the Cincinnati Bengals and the Bills are chasing the Chiefs in the AFC after they won their second Super Bowl in the past four seasons.

If DeAndre Hopkins was to go to the Eagles, it would certainly have an impact on the Buffalo Bills. They would have to play him at least once with the two teams meeting in the regular season but then wouldn't see them again until potentially until the Super Bowl.

However, DeAndre Hopkins on the Chiefs would mean that they play him in the regular season but the Chiefs have a direct impact on the Buffalo Bills come playoff time with seeding. The Chiefs would be the overwhelming favorite in the conference, and potentially the NFL, as they address probably their weakest position at wide receiver by adding DeAndre Hopkins to a group that has a number of younger players.

If the Buffalo Bills were to sign DeAndre Hopkins, there is a case to be made that they could be the favorite or at the very least close the gap with the Chiefs. However, a DeAndre Hopkins addition for the Chiefs would make this upcoming season even tougher for the Bills.

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