5 superstars the Buffalo Bills could have drafted in the last five drafts

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1.) 2018 Draft - Cornerback, Jaire Alexander

Most if not all Bills fans would agree that Josh Allen was the correct first pick for the Bills in 2018 where he was drafted seventh overall. The Bills also made a second first-round pick in linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. Essentially, the Bills got their quarterbacks on both sides of the ball in this draft. It’s hard to say that these draft choices were not the right ones.

Although, Edmunds is no longer with the Bills as he signed a 4-year deal with the Chicago Bears this past free agency period. Edmunds was drafted 16th overall in 2018, and cornerback Jaire Alexander was drafted by the Green Bay Packers at pick number 18, just two picks after Edmunds. 

Even though Edmunds was a solid contributor with the Bills, Alexander has become a top five cornerback in the league where he usually does not give up a ton of yards. Solidifying himself as a shutdown corner, a potential pairing between Tre’Davious White and Alexander, to go with the safety dynamic duo of Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer would have been dangerous for opposing offenses.