5 superstars the Buffalo Bills could have drafted in the last five drafts

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2.) 2019 Draft - Wide Receiver, A.J. Brown

In 2019, the Bills drafted defensive lineman Ed Oliver, who just got his payday this offseason, and offensive lineman Cody Ford who is no longer on the team. Both of these players were drafted before the Tennessee Titans selected Ole Miss receiver A.J. Brown.

Drafted in the second round, Brown has solidified himself as a top ten receiver in the league. The Titans ended up trading away Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2022 NFL draft and anyone would agree that it was a huge mistake for the Titans to ship him away. Brown helped elevate Jalen Hurts’ game to an MVP-caliber level this year and was a major contributor in getting the Eagles to the Super Bowl this past season.

At the time, the Bills had wide receivers John Brown and Cole Beasley as the main targets for Josh Allen. While Brown and Beasley helped Allen, having a 6’1” 225 pound receiver would have given Allen a bigger target to go with the speedy receivers.