5 superstars the Buffalo Bills could have drafted in the last five drafts

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3.) 2020 Draft - Wide Receiver, Justin Jefferson

This might cause some pushback, but let’s think about this. The Buffalo Bills traded the 22nd overall pick in 2020 as part of the Stefon Diggs trade that sent Diggs to Buffalo from Minnesota. No one is saying that Diggs was not an immediate upgrade for the Bills receiving core but at this moment, we don’t know what will happen with Diggs because of the drama that has been circulating around him lately.

Since 2020 (Diggs’ first season with the Bills and Jefferson as a rookie), Jefferson has more receiving yards than Diggs (4,825 vs. 4,189) and has averaged more yards per reception than Diggs. Jefferson has also put up these numbers with Kirk Cousins who is a solid quarterback but not as physically gifted as Allen. 

Thinking back on this trade, this might go down as the most even trade in NFL history. While the Bills have had more success as a team with Diggs, Jefferson has been the more productive receiver. Without Diggs, Allen does not make the jump he did in 2020. Jefferson is still on a rookie deal, has statistically passed Diggs, and has been quiet unlike Diggs this offseason.