5 superstars the Buffalo Bills could have drafted in the last five drafts

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4.) 2021 Draft - Center, Creed Humphrey

The Bills offensive line has been shaky since Allen’s arrival but they have been consistent at the center position with Mitch Morse, who signed with the Bills in 2019. While Morse has been the anchor and captain, he also has had a slight injury history lately.

Specifically, Morse has had a concussion history for the last two seasons. If the Bills had taken Humphrey and produced the way he has with the Kansas City Chiefs, who knows if Morse would still be on the team? 

The Bills drafted defensive end Boogie Basham in the second round, two picks before the Chiefs drafted Humphrey. In Kansas City, Humphrey has solidified himself as one of the best, if not the best center in the entire league. It has been six years since McDermott took over the Bills and the offensive line is still a liability.

Humphrey could have made an immediate impact on the offensive line and allowed Josh Allen to not run for his life at times.