5 superstars the Buffalo Bills could have drafted in the last five drafts

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Five years ago (not including 2023), the Buffalo Bills were heading into their first draft with General Manager Brandon Beane and Head Coach Sean McDermott in charge of the draft room. The team was not officially formed until after the 2017 draft where McDermott was with previous GM Doug Whaley.

Since 2018, the Bills have been able to build up a team that has had more success than they have since the 1990s. First and foremost, they landed their franchise quarterback in Josh Allen in 2018. They also found key pieces who have contributed to the Bills’ success such as tight end Dawson Knox, wide receiver Gabriel Davis, and defensive tackle Ed Oliver. 

Since working together in Buffalo, the McBeane team has been able to land one or two players that have made a positive difference for the Bills. With that being said, there are also other draft picks that the Bills have missed on. With the NFL transitioning to an offensive-favorited league, the Bills still seem to be playing catchup in the draft.

Since the McBeane era started, the Bills have drafted six players in the first round; only two were offensive players (Josh Allen and Dalton Kincaid). While they have hits and misses, there were different players that the Bills could have drafted to make a bigger impact than the ones they drafted. Here are five players in the last five drafts the Bills could have taken instead of their actual pick.