5 running backs at the NFL Combine the Buffalo Bills could draft

Blake Courm
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Will Shipley - Clemson

NFLDraftbuzz.com has Will Shipley projected to go in the fifth round. They have him as the 10th-ranked running back and 133rd overall. Shipley may be the best receiving back in the draft and if you watched Clemson games, you know Shipley can play from a multitude of positions. In 2023, Shipley lined up as the backfield, slot, inline, and wide receiver, and was also returning kicks, mostly kick returns but some punt returning too. He even lined up as the quarterback once last season. He's a player that a creative offensive mind can utilize in numerous ways to create mismatches, particularly in the passing game. I would love to see Shipley in Buffalo.

Shipley is 5'11" and weighs 210 pounds and is reported to have a 4.42, 40-time. Last season with the Clemson Tigers he 827 yards on 167 carries, with five touchdowns and a five-yard average. In 2022, he ran for 1,182 yards, a 5.6 yards per carry average, and a whopping 15 touchdowns. Over those two seasons, he recorded 69 receptions, and 486 yards receiving. Pro Football Focus has Shipley ranked ninth among the RB prospects, with a grade of 72.8, 125th overall.