5 remaining free agent wide receivers the Buffalo Bills could pursue

Curtis Samuel
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Curtis Samuel

Curtis Samuel is another receiver who brings some serious speed to the field; however, his yards per reception isn't what you would think it should be, coming in just over ten yards per reception. Is that due to scheme, lack of surrounding talent, or something else? Also, some see him as more of a slot guy too, and if that's how the Bills see him, then maybe he's not right for Buffalo, again, unless they want to move Shakir to the outside.

Samuel can be a solid playmaker and his speed can help take the top off of opposing defenses. When I look at this team and its makeup of pass catchers, it screams a need for speed. The Buffalo Bills have guys that can get open underneath and make a living there, like Shakir and Dalton Kincaid. Opening things up and stretching defenses with speed is all this offense is lacking. Samuel can bring that element to the Bills.