5 Recent Buffalo Bills additions already on the chopping block in 2024

The Buffalo Bills have about 90 guys currently on their roster, so it goes without saying, there will be cuts. But we've got five guys added this offseason who are already candidates to be cut.
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DeShawn Williams - Defensive Tackle

DeShaun Williams is likely the odd man out in the Bills defensive interior. With starters Ed Oliver and DaQuan Jones securely locked in, and Austin Johnson entrenched in the rotation. 2024 draft pick, DeWayne Carter will make the 53-man roster as well and play a key role in the Bills' defensive line rotation. It's not likely the Bills keep more than four defensive tackles, which leaves Willians on the outs. Williams spent last season with the Panthers, and the Broncos the three years prior.

He produced only one sack and 18 pressures in nearly 450 snaps last season, and his PFF grades were nothing to get excited about. He earned run defense and pass-rush grades of 46.1 and 58.1 respectively, and an overall grade of 50. In 2022 with the Broncos, he had a career-high 4.5 sacks., but only 17 total pressures. With the talent ahead of Williams on the Bills roster, he most likely won't make the cut in 2024.