5 receivers at the NFL Combine the Buffalo Bills will want to draft

Keon Coleman
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Luke McCaffrey - Rice

Luke McCaffrey, being the younger brother of Christian McCaffrey, makes him appealing. His dad, Ed, was a terrific receiver for the Denver Broncos back in the day. Luke is projected to go in the fifth round, so taking a shot on the name is more than worth the risk. Luke is 6'1" and weighs 202 pounds. Decent size and speed too, running a 4,46.

NFLDraftbuzz.com has him as their 24 ranked receiver, and 139th overall, with an 81.5 rating. PFF graded him at an 80.1. They ranked him their 30th overall receiver and 162nd overall prospect. Quite a difference between the two sites but in 2023, McCaffrey totaled 71 receptions, 992 yards, and 13 touchdowns. Solid production but from a smaller school against weaker competition. Still, in the fifth round, you are drafting someone with a lot of upside with little risk.