5 reasons to get super excited for Buffalo Bills training camp

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams
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1.) Josh Allen is out to prove the doubters wrong

When the 2022 season ended in disappointment for the Bills, featuring Stefon Diggs throwing his arms up and yelling at Allen, there was doubt amongst the NFL as to whether or not Allen was one of the top two or three quarterbacks in the NFL. With the emergence of Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence, and Jalen Hurts, Allen was viewed as a really good player but maybe not a great player. Not to mention, Allen officially fell behind Patrick Mahomes after he won his second super bowl in four seasons. 

Entering 2023, it seems as if the doubt is once again on Allen. He experienced this early in his career and was able to grow into the player he has become. The last time he was doubted as a top quarterback in the league going into the 2020 season, Allen exploded onto the scene of football and was runner up in the MVP voting, while also bringing the Bills to their first conference championship since 1993.

Yes, the AFC is loaded at the quarterback position and people are saying that the Bills have to play this team and that team. However, those teams have to play against Josh Allen who can easily win a football game and beat you with not just his rocket arm, but his ability to run as well. 

There is national attention on Allen going into training camp. With continuity on his side and new weapons that he has aside from Stefon Diggs and Gabriel Davis, Allen will be looking to silence any doubt about him and look to bring the Bills to the promise land.