5 reasons to get super excited for Buffalo Bills training camp

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams
Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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When the time in the Super Bowl hits zero on the clock, what comes next is a long waiting period for football to come back in the fall. As the offseason progresses, free agency begins in March and then the NFL Draft takes place in April or May.

Even though there are no football games happening, there is always news being broken in the NFL media to keep fans excited and engaged. Once the rookies have participated in mandatory camp with the veterans, it brings back the spotlight that is still so far away. We have officially pushed through the tough days of little football action as training camp approaches for all 32 NFL teams. 

The Buffalo Bills report for training camp on July 26th and will start the journey on going for their fourth consecutive division title and beyond that. The road ahead has become tougher for them not just in the conference, but their own division as well.

However, one advantage that the Bills have over their other three divisional opponents is continuity at the coaching positions. Even with Leslie Frazier no longer serving as the defensive coordinator, head coach Sean McDermott is set to call the plays for the defense in which his players know what kind of system he wants because of his defensive background. 

With training camp beginning this week and the countdown to week one, there is much to be excited for the Bills in 2023. Here are five reasons why Bills fans should be excited for Buffalo heading to St. John’s Fisher College for their training camp.