5 reasons to still billieve in the Buffalo Bills

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The Bills defensive front is still a game-wrecking crew

Ed Oliver is having his best season by far and I'd say he's been playing at an All-Pro level too. There is no reason this cannot continue to be the case either. I know some people will say that his performance is only due to DaQuan Jones handling the double teams and helping to create one-on-ones for Oliver. This is not the case though, Oliver has handled his share of double teams too, and split the linemen, doing what he's supposed to do and getting pressure. Also, he was still making plays against the Jaguars after Jones went down with the injury.

A.J. Epenesa had the game of his life, and he too is having a career year. He's got three sacks on the season, a pace of about ten for the year. The Bills have four players currently on pace for double-digit sacks, and all of them are on the defensive line, and none are named DaQuan Jones. And you can't tell me those sack numbers are solely because of Jones' play in the middle. Leonard Floyd leads the team in sacks and is on pace for 18/19 on the year and no one is talking about him. And oh, by the way, did I mention that Von Miller is back in the mix too?

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