5 reasons to still billieve in the Buffalo Bills

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Gregory Rousseau and Christian Benford will return to the lineup sooner than later.

When these two return, fans don't have to be concerned with Kaiir Elam being on the field and Rousseau will be back to harassing quarterbacks too. That said, one aspect of Rousseau's game that goes largely unnoticed is how well he's played on run defense.

Pro Football Focus graded Rousseau an 81.7 overall, ranking him 18th among all edge defenders, and a run-defense grade of 76.0, ranking him 11th in the NFL. This kid has played fantastic and won't be on the sidelines long. He'll be back soon and don't forget, Von Miller will be on the other side. These two could combine as one of the best duos in the league.

Benford's play hasn't been spectacular, but he's been solid and playing well. As the season continues, he will get better and better. Let's not forget, he's only played 13 games in his career. He hasn't played a full rookie season worth of games so far. The one concern I have is he's already been injured twice since becoming the starter, so there is some worry there.