5 reasons to still billieve in the Buffalo Bills

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National media said Bills Super Bowl window closed, Bills Mafia said we've got Josh Allen

All offseason the national media was saying the Bills Super Bowl window was either closed or closing and fans from all over came out and reminded everyone who our quarterback is. So, what's changed Bills Mafia? Why now are we saying the season is over after just five weeks, despite Josh Allen is still lining up behind center?

Allen is currently fifth in the league in passing yards (1,407), and second in passing touchdowns (11), with another three touchdowns on the ground. He leads the league in completion rate (73.1%) and is fifth in quarterback rating (105.6). He can still take over a game, lead this team to wins, and is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. By the way, only two turnovers over the last four games too. Oh, did I mention that every one of those stats I just called out are better than Patrick Mahomes? As long as Allen is our QB1, this team will always have a shot at a Super Bowl title.