5 reasons Josh Allen finally wins an MVP award in 2023

Josh Allen has been close the last three seasons and probably should have won the NFL MVP award in 2020. But that's in the past, let's take a look at the present and as we approach 2023, what are his chances to win the league MVP this season?

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The Stefon Diggs effect is real

I obviously know Diggs has been on the team for three seasons now, so why is this season going to be any different?  While I don’t care for the way Diggs has handled his frustrations this off-season, I believe it will help the team, specifically the offense and Dorsey, grow.

We have no idea really what the issue was or what concerns Diggs brought up but he’s the best offensive weapon the Bills have, so if bringing his frustrations to the table, should force the Bills and again, Dorsey, to find ways to scheme him open and get the ball in his hands.

I hate to use the Chiefs as an example again but I’m going to.  We all watch the Chiefs way more than most would be willing to admit and we see Travis Kelce wide open all the time.  We saw the same thing with Tyreek Hill prior to 2022.  Why is that, well of course their talent is a big part of it but the Chiefs know how to scheme their playmakers open.

Opposing defenses largely bracketed Diggs in the latter part of the season and effectively limited his opportunities.  Kudos to those defenses for finding ways to stop him but Dorsey needs to find a way to get his star player open and give him those opportunities.  I think he will in 2023.