5 reasons Josh Allen finally wins an MVP award in 2023

Josh Allen has been close the last three seasons and probably should have won the NFL MVP award in 2020. But that's in the past, let's take a look at the present and as we approach 2023, what are his chances to win the league MVP this season?
Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills will get improved play from the slot position

The Bills offense took a hit early when Jamison Crowder went down.  He was the heir apparent to Cole Beasley and when he got injured, it changed everything at the slot position.  Rookie Khalil Shakir tried to fill the void but again, I go back to the complexity of Dorsey’s offense, plus Shakir was a rookie in the league, you can understand why he didn’t seize the job.

Entering 2023, Shakir will be much better and has a better understanding now of not just the offense but the NFL as a whole.  I expect Shakir to have a big season from the slot in 2023 and Allen will target him often.  The Bills went out and signed a couple of other guys that could potentially man the slot as well, with Trent Sherfield and Deonte Harty.

When all is said and done, I fully expect Shakir to take the lead with the slot position and lock down the position.  I also don’t think Harty makes the 53-man roster but if the team keeps seven wideouts, then perhaps he does.

Even if Shakir goes down, Sherfield should be able to step in and take over, without too much of a drop-off.  Shakir brings excellent hands and playmaking ability to the position that the Bills have not had in years and certainly not in the Josh Allen years.  Sorry Beasley fans, he was great, but he wasn’t going to break ankles and snap off 60-yard touchdowns.