5 reasons Josh Allen finally wins an MVP award in 2023

Josh Allen has been close the last three seasons and probably should have won the NFL MVP award in 2020. But that's in the past, let's take a look at the present and as we approach 2023, what are his chances to win the league MVP this season?

Buffalo Bills
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A full year exposed to Ken Dorsey's offense

A lot has been made about Ken Dorsey and the debate rages on as to whether he should be the offensive coordinator in year two.  My vote is to keep him around for a second season, but many fans think he should go and be replaced.  With whom, I have no clue but that’s what many are wanting.

Despite the apparent struggles down the stretch and poor offensive performance in the playoffs, the Bills were one of the best offensive units in the league.

One thing that’s not talked about much is the complexity of the Bills and Dorsey’s offense.  Now with a full season under their belt, the players will have an even better grasp of the scheme and play designs, which should allow Dorsey to open things up a bit more in 2023.

"We have so much in our playbook – the terms were different for him; Skipper said. When he came in right away, he was learning game by game"

Kelly Skipper - Bills RB coach

Nyheim Hines will likely play a larger role this season than he did a season ago and you can look to the Chiefs usage of Jerrick McKinnon.  He joined the Chiefs part way into the season in 2021 and was not utilized much, in fact through 13 games he had 12 carries and 20 targets, with only one touchdown.  After a full off-season with the team, he exploded in 2022 setting a running back record with nine receiving touchdowns. I expect a similar uptick with Hines in the Bills offense.

Dorsey will learn from his rookie season of 2022 and the players will continue to grow and develop within his offensive system. Again, let's not forget, Dorsey was a rookie last season and a first-time OC, not just for the Bills but anywhere, with any team, at any level. He'll get better and develop like any rookie does.