5 reasons Josh Allen finally wins an MVP award in 2023

Josh Allen has been close the last three seasons and probably should have won the NFL MVP award in 2020. But that's in the past, let's take a look at the present and as we approach 2023, what are his chances to win the league MVP this season?

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A lot has been made this off-season about Josh Allen, where he is at in his professional career, as well as his personal life. For the record, I don't care who Allen is dating, what he had for dinner, or what movie he last saw at the theater. Those that concern themselves with that sort of thing are just odd to me, so you won't read anything from me that has zero to do with the game itself.

I know, it's a big deal to some and that's fine. To each their own and I won't judge you for it, just think it's odd. And on that note, let's discuss Allen and what he brings to the field. I've said in the past that there isn't a better, more talented quarterback in the league. Patrick Mahomes is great but, in my opinion, even he does not possess the physical gifts that Allen has.

The only issue with Allen is I do think he tries to do too much on his own sometimes but when we look at last season, there were many factors that went into his performance, and that of his teammates. I won't get into all that here but I think Allen has a very good case for being the league's MVP in 2023.

I'm about to outline five reasons I believe this to be true and as I do that, I want anyone reading this to stop, and think about five reasons of your own and see if they match up with my thoughts. I am sure we can all come up with more than five reasons, right? But without further ado, here is my five reasons that Allen will be the NFL's MVP in 2023.