5 quick reactions to the Buffalo Bills loss against the Broncos on Monday Night

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Dalton Kincaid should be the starter over Dawson Know upon his return from his injury.

Dawson Knox had five receptions on six targets and 51 yards. He also added his second career touchdown and the first score of the game for the Bills. We've talked about the rise of Kincaid and I'm here for it. He will easily be the greatest tight end in Bills history, as long as he remains healthy. There is no question in my mind that the Bills need to keep him as the top tight end in this offense even when Dawson Knox returns.

Kincaid's catch rate is one of the best in the league and tops among all tight ends. He has a shot at setting the Bills record for both receptions and yards. He already owns the Bills record for most receptions by a rookie tight end.

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