5 quick reactions to the Buffalo Bills loss against the Broncos on Monday Night

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Josh Allen HAS to stop turning the ball over.

We all know about the great numbers that Josh Allen has put up over the years. The first in NFL history to do this or the first to do that. He's great and there is debating that but the one thing that is holding him back from possibly becoming one of, if not the greatest quarterback in the league. his physical skills are unmatched but his decision-making drives me crazy and no doubt fans everywhere. Maybe Ken Dorsey needs to take the ball out of Allen's hands and let James Cook and Latavius Murray move the ball. McDermott benched Cook for a fumble, so maybe not letting Josh throw it, is the answer.

Allen leads the NFL this season in turnovers, while also leading in total touchdowns. He also leads the league in both these categories since 2018. Should we be willing to accept the bad with the good or should we expect more from our franchise quarterback? It's ironic that the starting quarterback before Allen, Tyrod Taylor was scrutinized by fans for not taking shots and being ultra-conservative and now we have the exact opposite. Can we please find that happy medium?