5 positions that are biggest concern for Buffalo Bills before 2024 free agency

What positions do the Buffalo Bills have to address to compete with Kansas City Chiefs?
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1) Defensive Tackle

In the end, the position that is the most important for the Buffalo Bills to address this offseason has to be defensive tackle. It is one that is often overlooked but has such an impact at every level of the defense.

The Buffalo Bills have only Ed Oliver under contract for the upcoming season with DaQuan Jones, Jordan Phillips, and Tim Settle all set to be free agents. It would make sense that the Bills try to bring back Jones as he played very well over the past two seasons but has some injury concerns and the organization may not want to commit to a long-term deal, even if it is a two or three year contract.

This past season was a breakout year for Oliver and he does a great job pressuring the quarterback. However, the Bills are going to have to find some run-stuffing tackles along with another penetrating three tech to rotate with Oliver.

A deep defensive tackle position will help linebackers like Terrel Bernard and Matt Milano have clear paths to the ball carriers. Meanwhile, rushing up the middle will limit quarterbacks time in the pocket and help the secondary.