5 positions that are biggest concern for Buffalo Bills before 2024 free agency

What positions do the Buffalo Bills have to address to compete with Kansas City Chiefs?
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3) Wide Receiver

The Buffalo Bills are going to have a new wide receiver group for the upcoming season but it remains to be seen just how much change will happen. The team has two wide receivers from last year's team set to be free agents in Gabe Davis and Trent Sherfield.

Davis has been a starter the past two seasons but it seems like his time in Buffalo has run its course. In addition to Davis, there are questions whether or not Stefon Diggs will remain in Buffalo as well as Deonte Harty being a potential cap casualty due to his contract.

This would then leave only Khalil Shakir and Justin Shorter as the wide receivers under contract for the upcoming season. It seems like if there is one position the Buffalo Bills could make a splash, it would be at this position.

However, the position isn't as important as the next two.