5 positions that are biggest concern for Buffalo Bills before 2024 free agency

What positions do the Buffalo Bills have to address to compete with Kansas City Chiefs?
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4) Defensive End

On paper, the defensive end position shouldn't be much of a concern as the Bills have Greg Rousseau and former All-Pro Von Miller as their starters. The defense also has Kingsley Jonathan under contract for the upcoming season and probably would look to add another one or two pass rushers to round out the rotation.

However, the team can't be overly confident about Von Miller entering the offseason and into the 2024 season. He returned from an ACL injury this past season but looked like a shell of his former self. Miller failed to record a sack all season and had only three total tackles and three QB hits in 12 regular season games.

The Buffalo Bills need to make sure they add another defensive end that could step in as a starter if Von Miller isn't able to be a disruptive force this season. That could mean bringing back A.J. Epenesa or Leonard Floyd or looking outside of the organization. Regardless of the route, it is a position that needs to be a priority.