5 plays that almost cost the Buffalo Bills the AFC East in Week 18

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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James Cook drops pass in end zone

The Buffalo Bills were down 14-7 late in the second quarter but were putting together a great drive that got them within field goal range and should have given them at least three points. The reason being it was at least three points was that James Cook had the perfect chance at a touchdown.

The Bills were facing a 2nd and 10 from the 23 yard line with only 21 seconds left in the half. James Cook would run out of the backfield and cut towards the left sideline as he easily beat his defender. Josh Allen would throw a perfect pass that would hit Cook right in the hands but he lost concentration and the ball would be dropped.

It has been a great year for James Cook and he certainly earned his Pro Bowl nomination. However, there were a number of these plays that were left on the field that could have made it even better, like the pass dropped against the Philadelphia Eagles that also would have resulted in a touchdown.