5 players who improved their stock the most during preseason

Buffalo Bills
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Dalton Kincaid - Tight End

When the Bills selected Kincaid with their first pick of the draft, some fans were surprised and disappointed. Some wanted the Bills to select an offensive lineman, either a guard or tackle. Others wanted a weapon for Allen, in the way of a wide receiver.

The Bills did select a new weapon for Allen in tight end Dalton Kincaid. Depending on which draft analyst you asked, Kincaid was the best tight end in the class but at least one of the top three. Fans were hopeful he would be that elite talent he was hyped to be.

Buffalo fast-tracked another rookie with Kincaid and he has delivered. Many fans have blasted Coach McDermott for what they believe to be an approach of not trusting and starting rookies, which I don't agree with, he has had no problem plugging Kincaid into the starting lineup and he's looked nothing short of amazing.