5 players the Buffalo Bills should be happy are not in the AFC East

The Buffalo Bills should be happy that these five players were not drafted by an AFC East rival in the 2024 NFL Draft.
2024 NFL Draft - Portraits
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Brock Bowers

As tough as Rome Odunze will be on opposing cornerbacks, Brock Bowers might have been the tougher matchup for the Buffalo Bills. He was the unquestioned top tight end in this year's class and one of the best prospects in recent memory.

The former Georgia tight end is an excellent receiver at the tight end position and with his size and athleticism, it makes it hard to determine who is best to cover him. There are a majority of linebackers that don't have the speed to stay with him while defensive backs don't have the size.

If the Jets were to add Bowers, it would have been tough as they also already have Garrett Wilson and Mike Williams at wide receiver with Breece Hall at running back. In the end, the Jets thought it made sense to give Rodgers more protection and improve the offensive line and that is why they would end up selecting Fashanu.