5 players on the Buffalo Bills radar after the NFL Combine

NFL Combine
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Javon Bullard (Safety)

Bullard's playstyle is the definition of "reckless", which can be both good and bad. Bullard knows his position well and can tag in as a slot and a nickel when needed. He's very instinctive and won't think twice and react to something immediately.

Bullard didn't do much at the combine, as he only performed in the 40-yard drill, which was a 4.47. His combine grade ranks him as one of the better physical prospects, projecting him to be drafted in the early second round. 

However, the Bills may try to shoot for Bullard with their first pick or trade up somewhere in the second round, as it's widely known within the organization that safety will be a massive hole within their roster. Bullard sort of mirrors Taron Johnson's motor and physical style of play, where Bullard will hit the ball carrier with an extreme amount of force whenever, but this play style can hurt him as he's also missed some tackles due to that aggressive play. 

Bullard does lack that elite acceleration that some of the truly elite NFL safety obtain, which limits some playmaking ability. Bullard also tends to struggle when playing single-high, as he sometimes fails to cover large surface areas. However, because of Bullard's fearless nature, he still has the playmaking ability, and with the help of the Bills' coaching staff, Bullard could flourish into a talented NFL safety.