5 players on the Buffalo Bills radar after the NFL Combine

NFL Combine
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The NFL Combine is an exciting time for Buffalo Bills fans around the nation, as we get to see standout players from big and small schools get a chance to showcase their skills. This is also an opportunity for players to show how athletic they are from drills like the 40-yard dash, verticle jump, and route running drills and attempt to raise their draft stock.

Every year, the draft board will change after the results of the NFL Combine, and this year seems to be the same as there are some other players that the Bills could be looking at in terms of positional needs and player potential.

The Bills hold 10 total picks in the NFL Draft, mostly later round picks, but this draft class seems to be one of the most stacked ones in recent history. This is an opportunity for the Bills to hit on big needs for their team.

5 players on the Buffalo Bills radar after the NFL Combine

Xavier Worthy (WR)

Worthy is a worthy prospect even before his record-breaking 40-yard dash, which will automatically shoot him way up on draft boards, as scouts had him going mid to late second round, but now maybe drafted during mid to late first. Worthy deserves the recognition, as he is a versatile player who can play anywhere on the field, as he seems to strive mostly on the outside, and is an impressive returner. 

Worthy is also very shifty and very tough for his size, and would be a big threat in a Bills offense. However, there are concerns with his small frame, as he only weighs 165 lbs, and just because he ran a fast 40, it doesn't mean that speed will translate to the NFL, take John Ross, Jacoby Ford, or Dri Archer for example. There is also some criticism of his route tree as he's specified as mainly a "deep threat" to most scouts.

However, Worthy has had three good to great seasons in college, totaling up 25 receiving touchdowns and almost 3,000 receiving yards in three years to John Ross's 1,700 receiving yards and only two receiving touchdowns in three years. Worthy can be a game-changer and has been one throughout college, so if Worthy is still available at 28, there's a chance the Bills take him right there.