5 players Buffalo Bills should already be considering for first round pick in 2024

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Troy Franklin (Wide Receiver)

Troy Franklin will most likely land into the Bills' lap at pick 28, as Franklin is projected on day two on most draft boards, which is probably the best-case scenario if the Bills don't want to give up draft capital. Franklin had a breakout year with Oregon and their standout quarterback Bo Nix. The young 6'2 ft wideout possesses excellent speed and agility. Franklin's speed also translates well to the football, as he rarely sacrifices any of that speed when running routes, making moves, or turning the corner, and has great catch radius and ball control.

These attributes helped Franklin record 61 receptions for 891 yards and nine touchdowns. The Bills are missing a wideout who has that explosive speed threat on offense, which will help open up lots of possibilities within an offense's playbook. 

Franklin is comfortable with playing in the slot or out wide and is an excellent ball carrier, making defenses guessing wherever he is on the field. However, Franklin is very lean for his size, weighing under 190 pounds, which can change as he's gotten thicker than he was in his previous years.

If the Bills do draft Franklin at 28, it may be seen as a reach from some fans, but the potential upside that Franklin could bring with the Bills offense is worth the pick. If the Bills are going for this wideout, they will need to pick him at 28, as Franklin will probably not be available at pick 56 (assuming the Bills don't trade up in round two).