5 players Buffalo Bills should already be considering for first round pick in 2024

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The NFL Draft is a few months away, and of course, there's still the free-agency period that starts in March, but the Bills are in what is called "Cap Hell" right now, as there are multiple players on the team with franchise contracts with big cap numbers for this year. The Bills are more than $50 million over the cap this year and it will be unlikely that the Bills can make notable free-agency acquisitions, so the Bills would need to hit on their picks in the upcoming draft.

The Bills could potentially shop some players around for some draft picks and make some cap room. The Bills are in familiar territory in terms of draft position, as they hold a late-round 28 pick in this year's draft. At pick 28, here are some of the most realistic prospects that the Bills could shoot for in this year's draft.

5 players Buffalo Bills should already be considering for first round pick in 2024

Keon Coleman (Wide Receiver)

Keon Coleman is a big stature receiver who played great in his sophomore year at Michigan State despite the quarterback struggles that occurred. Coleman still produced almost 800 receiving yards and seven receiving touchdowns. 

Coleman then transferred to Florida State where he would showcase his stature and redzone ability, catching for 11 touchdowns and averaging around 13.2 yards per reception. Coleman is seen as a raw talent with a very high ceiling, which Josh Allen can help him develop into the best player he can be.

However, getting Coleman will likely require the Bills trading up in the draft. Coleman is projected at number 15 on the draft board, so the Bills would need to send a bit of a haul to get into that position. Brandon Beane isn't a GM who would typically do that, but with Gabe Davis likely leaving the team and with Stefon Diggs' future in question, the Bills could make some surprising moves in this draft.