5 offseason moves the Buffalo Bills should not make after 2023 season

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Buffalo Bills should not re-sign Gabe Davis

Stefon Diggs potentially won't be the only big decision the Buffalo Bills have to make this offseason as their other starting wide receiver, Gabe Davis, is set to be a free agent. While Davis has had his moments, and been productive, this is one area the Bills should make a change and look for a new wide receiver opposite Diggs.

Gabe Davis was a fourth round pick by the Bills in 2020 and has been the starter the past two seasons. He is still young and should get a pretty good contract in free agency from another NFL team.

If this does happen, the Buffalo Bills should avoid the temptation to match that as they will have limited cap space and the money could be more impactful at other positions.

This then raises the question of how the Buffalo Bills replace Gabe Davis. The team really doesn't have a clear replacement on the roster but fortunately the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft has an incredibly deep wide receiver class led by Marvin Harrison Jr.

It is unlikely they have the chance to draft Harrison but late in the first round or even the second round there will be good wide receivers available that could step in almost immediately. This gives the Bills a starter on a reasonable contract that allows them to use cap space elsewhere.