5 offseason moves the Buffalo Bills should not make after 2023 season

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Buffalo Bills should not trade Stefon Diggs

While Stefon Diggs has not publicly given any indication that he doesn't want to be with the Buffalo Bills or has any desire to play elsewhere, the noise seems to continue to persist. The latest is some tweets by Trevon Diggs about trying to get his brother out of Western New York.

Since joining the Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs has been one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and has ranked near the top in most receiving categories each season. How the season finishes for the Bills will be a big indication of how loud the calls get for Stefon Diggs to be traded.

However, the Bills must do everything they can to make sure that Stefon Diggs is part of this offense for 2024. There is no doubt that this offense needs an elite talent like Diggs to make it work as he draws so much attention that it opens the door for other players.

Any discussion about trades last year was unlikely because of the contract that Diggs had and this offseason it still seems unlikely but is a little more manageable. If the Bills were to trade him after June 1st, it would split the dead cap and create over $19 million in cap space.

Sometimes there is nothing teams can do to keep a player. The focus for the Buffalo Bills if the topic is brought by Stefon Diggs is to try and get him to buy in for at least one more season. They have too many other areas to address and losing Diggs only complicates this more.