5 offseason moves the Buffalo Bills should not make after 2023 season

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
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Buffalo Bills should not let Joe Brady leave

It has only been two games but the offense, and Josh Allen, look drastically improved with Joe Brady calling plays in place of Ken Dorsey. He was offensive coordinator for about a season and a half but was fired after the Broncos game.

In the two games since, the Bills have averaged 33 points per game while Josh Allen has seven total touchdowns and only two interceptions. He has averaged over 300 passing yards per game and in total has almost 100 rushing yards.

Joe Brady is currently just the interim offensive coordinator and the Buffalo Bills will continue to evaluate him over the remainder of the season. The early returns though it is clear that Brady understands how to call a game around Josh Allen and the players in this offense. He has gotten the most from them and even some of the other role players, like Ty Johnson, have been making plays.

There is no reason he shouldn't be the offensive coordinator moving forward and into 2024.