5 offseason moves the Buffalo Bills should not make after 2023 season

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Buffalo Bills should not fire Sean McDermott

Let's start with probably what would be the biggest move the Bills could make this offseason which would be to fire Sean McDermott. He has been the head coach for seven seasons now and as mentioned, the Bills haven't been this successful since the 1990s with Marv Levy.

The Bills recognized McDermott's importance to the organization and signed him, and general manager Brandon Beane, to extensions this past offseason through the 2027 season. It is hard to imagine that the Pegulas would be so quick to change course but it was also hard to imagine that the Bills would be 6-6 at this point.

If the Bills were to fire Sean McDermott, it probably would mean wholesale changes within the organization and Brandon Beane probably would be let go as well. These two have been closely connected and have been basically a package deal to this point. This would give the Buffalo Bills a fresh start moving forward.

In addition, this means the entire coaching staff also leaves which leads into the next move the Bills should not make.