5 offensive tackles at NFL Combine Buffalo Bills could target in 2024 NFL Draft

Notre Dame
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Blake Fisher, Notre Dame

Blake Fisher is a 6'6" tackle and weighs 310 pounds. NFLDraftbuzz.com has him projected in the third round, ranked as the 21st-best tackle, and 99th overall. He played three seasons at Notre Dame and totaled 1,632 snaps in 26 collegiate games. He's played at both ends of the line, left and right tackle. One of his assets that has been mentioned is he's a player with all the traits, including natural strength and power; however, he's a work in progress and needs to be developed. Concerns were late off the snap and lacked that mean streak at times.

Pro Football Focus has him rated as their 12th-best tackle and 70th overall prospect. Do you see the differences between PFF and NFLDraftbuzz? No one said scouting and evaluating players was a perfect science. Still, the ability is there and many believe he can be a day one starter. Buffalo doesn't need a day-one starter though and Fisher could be in a great spot to develop and grow within the Bills organization until called upon.