5 most important Buffalo Bills on the injury report for the Divisional Round

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Gabe Davis (6/10)

Big game Gabe is still questionable with his knee injury he suffered against the Dolphins in week 18, but is looking to return for this upcoming game. Everyone knows the history of Davis against the Chiefs, especially in the 2021 Divisional round when he scored four touchdowns. 

However, besides that game and another regular season game in 2022, where he caught three passes for 74 yards and a touchdown, he hasn't been a factor. Just like his whole career, he's either a threat or a non-factor. Excluding his famous 2021 playoff game, Davis has recorded five receptions for 98 yards and one touchdown in his five games against the Chiefs. 

Although, Davis is very underrated in the running game, as he's one of the better run-blocking receivers in the league, which has helped establish the running game in the Bills offense since Joe Brady took over as OC. So even if Davis isn't a factor in the receiving game, he's a factor in the running game, which is why he's an important player to have back this Sunday.

Tyrel Dodson (7/10)

Tyrel Dodson and rookie linebacker Dorian Williams shared snaps earlier in the season after Matt Milano went down with his season-ending injury. After a few games within the starting lineup, Dodson established himself well within the McDermott defense and has been one of the more improved players through the stretch. 

However, with his injury in the Dolphins game, the Bills had to rely on Baylon Spector to fill in for Dodson for the Steelers' game. Spector was performing well until he went down with an injury as well. The Bills would be down to their 4th string linebackers due to all of these injuries, and Dodson's return for the Chiefs game is all the more crucial not just for his talent but for the Bills' depth at the position.