5 plays Buffalo Bills wish they had back against Chiefs in AFC Divisional Round

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Al Bello/GettyImages
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Trent Sherfield not able to complete the catch on third down

The next play is actually the play prior for the Buffalo Bills offense as they had a 3rd and 12 from the 18-yard line. The offense was already short-handed entering this game without Gabe Davis and the play before this one, Khalil Shakir left the game due to a shoulder injury.

It was a similar throw that Josh Allen had to Stefon Diggs but this time to Trent Sherfield, who has had an expanded role in place of Davis' during the playoffs. This throw wasn't as on target as the throw to Diggs' but certainly was catchable.

The play would at the very least flipped field position as Sam Martin dealing with a hamstring injury was not able to punt as effectively as he did before the injury last week. However, if Sherfield caught the pass it would have extended the drive and could have resulted in points for the Buffalo Bills.