5 mid-round WRs Bills could target in the 2024 NFL Draft

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Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint - Georgia

Rosemy-Jacksaint is 6'2" and weighs 195 pounds. He played the majority of his snaps on the outside and recorded 34 receptions, 535 yards, and four touchdowns for the Bulldogs. He provides that size some covet, but he isn't expected to be more than a depth piece; however, he does have excellent special teams experience and could find a role there.

the problem with that is the Bills don't need special teamers. Rosemy-Jacksaint doesn't have blazing speed and struggles with routes, getting in and out of breaks. The scouting reports aren't glowing with high upside. He has learned better ball skills and greatly improved his contested catch rate. He has learned to use his size and length better to get those tough catches, but he lacks the speed and athleticism to challenge defensive backs.