5 mid-round WRs Bills could target in the 2024 NFL Draft

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Malik Washington - Virginia

Malik Washington is only 5'8" and weighs 194 pounds but is incredibly quick and has good speed. At the NFL Combine, he ran a 4.47, 40-time, and a 10-yard split time of 1.53 seconds. He also had an incredible vertical of 42.5 inches, impressive for a player who is only 5'8". He's projected as a slot receiver, but it also depends on offensive coordinator Joe Brady's vision for his offense. Does he see Khalil Shakir as a possible outside receiver? If so, the Bills might be looking for a new slot receiver.

We've talked about Khalil Shakir and how he will fit into this offense. If the Bills decide to try him on the outside, and depending who Buffalo drafts earlier, maybe Washington will find a spot on the Bills roster. That said, I don't think he's the option for Buffalo. I don't buy into the notion you need this or that type of receiver but at 5'8", he might be just a little too small for what the Bills could be looking for.