5 linebackers at NFL Combine Buffalo Bills could target in 2024 NFL Draft

Edgerrin Cooper
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Tommy Eichenberg - Ohio State

Tommy Eichenberg is a 6'2", 239-pound linebacker out of Ohio State. Eichenbert got his first meaningful playing time in 2021 as a junior, when he was in on 431 snaps. The following year, 2022, was his best year. He played 697 snaps, recording 84 tackles and 22 total pressures, including four sacks. His impressive 2022 performance showed in his Pro Football Grade too, Earning an 86.8 grade, which was the 17th-best in the country. His final season, last year, wasn't as impressive, recording 57 tackles and only 11 pressures.

NFLDraftbuzz.com gave him a grade of 82.3, ranked him their tenth-best linebacker, and 128th overall draft prospect. They have him with a reported 40-time of 4.69 and project him as a fourth-rounder. Pro Football Focus graded him a 61.5, ranked him as their sixth-best linebacker, and 101st overall prospect.